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The first 2 episodes of the new X-Men series on Disney+ show me what I miss so much about the MCU



The new X-Men series has finally appeared on Disney+ and MeinMMO author Nikolas Hernes is thrilled because the series reminds him of his childhood and things he misses about the MCU.

What is X-Men '97?

  • X-Men '97 is the new animated series on Disney+ and tells the story of the well-known mutants.
  • The series is a continuation of the animated series that appeared in the 90s.
  • You don't necessarily have to have watched the previous series, but you should have a basic knowledge of the X-Men and mutants.
  • Two episodes have been released so far and the next one follows every Wednesday.

I was really looking forward to this series. On the one hand, there is finally new content about the X-Men, and on the other hand, I'm a big fan of cartoons like this because they remind me of my childhood. You can find a trailer for the series here:

X-Men '97 – Trailer for the new animated series on Disney+

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The intro immediately reminds me of my childhood

When I started the series and heard the familiar intro, I was catapulted straight into my old childhood room. The intro is just like before, just presented in a more modern way. The look of the figures is also inspired by the old designs of the characters.

Seeing the old characters like Cyclopse, Gambit or Wolverine is a lot of fun in itself. X-Men '97 manages to activate my nostalgia because when I watch it I feel like a child again, watching cartoons on Kabel 1 on Saturday with cornflakes.

The look and limited animation underline this feeling. The series wants to look like a living comic and through a lot of slow images you manage to create panels like in a comic book.

I was surprised at how the series manages to strike a balance between serious topics and silly situations. When Gambit or Beast make bad jokes I'm amused, but at the same time I'm captivated when Magento gives a speech about acceptance in the second episode.

The series is not too silly, but not too serious either. Topics are always presented appropriately to the context and are not drawn out too long. This ensures that as a viewer you can think about it yourself. The theme of racism and acceptance is not dealt with too blatantly with the mutants.

X-Men '97 shows me what I miss about the MCU

The last point is also an aspect that I miss in the current MCU. Superheroes are not just costumed guys with abilities, they also represent aspects of society. For example, despite his abilities, Spider-Man has problems with money and love. And the X-Men have always dealt with difficult topics like racism.

With all the effects and dialogue that always wants to be funny, the MCU doesn't manage to convey such topics. You don't always need a historical, serious examination of such topics. For young people it can also be a cartoon series.

And X-Men '97 does that really well. Here, too, I have to praise the second episode and the speech by Magneto, who bases his actions on many of the people's actions. Mutants who are afraid of their child becoming a mutant encourage me to think.

The X-Men in sports clothes

Aside from such topics, I really like the team dynamic. Due to the many cameos in MCU films, there are many heroes, but I've missed a really charming team dynamic since the first Avengers film.

With the X-Men we see the group in everyday situations. We see the team at breakfast or playing basketball. This helps me to get to know the personalities of the members without being actively told about it. The dialogues are also well written and also set to music really well in German.

I'm personally really looking forward to the next episodes and can only recommend everyone to take a look. The initial response to the series at least suggests a critical and fan success and I hope that Disney will copy some of X-Men '97 for the MCU. The next big mutant movie awaits us this year: Deadpool 3 director explains why he needed an “army of the nerdiest nerds” for Wolverine

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