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The first images of Gladiator 2 are released




For those who do not have it in mind, this year the sequel to Gladiator is planned to be released, that film in which Russell Crowe He took the role of protagonist and impacted everyone. The wait has been long, but after some conversations an agreement was reached to bring back the franchise, although there will be certain changes that had to be made to adapt to current times.

The first images of Paul Mescal have generated great expectation, especially because the actor wears the same armor as Russell Crowe used in the first. This emotional nod pays tribute to Máximo Décimo Meridio, the protagonist of the original film. Mescal plays Lucius Aurelius Verus, Roman co-emperor along with Marcus Aurelius from the year 161 until his death in 169. Although in the original film the character of Lucius was played by Spencer Treat Clark, this sequel has chosen a new approach with Mescal.


Early reviews have been extremely positive. Erik Davis from Fandango commented on the progress:


We just watched 5 minutes of ‘Gladiator 2’ and oh my! Massive battles in the Colosseum, in shark-infested waters. Against wild beasts. Against a guy riding a rhino The performances seem fierce in every way. I have seen 5 minutes of ‘Gladiator 2’. It looks huge and the footage is packed with epic action both inside and outside the Colosseum. I love the first movie and it looks like a great sequel.

The tape will arrive in November 2024.


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Author’s note: It is possible that this saga will have a new air for old fans to return. We will have to wait and see if in the end it becomes a box office success.


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