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The FTC attacks Microsoft for layoffs




These last few weeks have been quite a scandal in the world of video games, given that almost 2,000 layoffs were reported within the video game division, specifically in sites like Bethesda, Zenimax and the recently acquired Activision Blizzard. With this information in mind, there are companies that do not agree with these decisions, including those who gave purchase approval months ago to those from Redmond, we are talking about none other than the FTC.

A notice has been submitted to United States Court of Appeals, warning about the recent activities of Microsoft at the level of the games division. Addresses the large company's layoff of nearly 2,000 employees, many of whom are in some way connected to Activision Blizzard, This is part of an alleged restructuring of the company with positions that are said to not contribute much to the company.

The report says that the Microsoft It is contradicting itself because initially it had been said that when making the purchase it would not have been affected, but now as a result thousands of people have forcibly left their jobs. There is even talk that Toys For Bob has closed its offices, and not only is there talk of the physical location, but all its developers dissolved so that the studio was left with no one in charge.

Here is part of the statement:

Microsoft's recently reported plan to eliminate 1,900 jobs in its video game division, including its newly acquired Activision unit, contradicts previous statements it made before this Court.

It is worth mentioning that for now there is no way to reverse the purchase made by Microsoft, since he has even dismissed his former CEO. However, the number of layoffs that include key people within the company that manages is worrying. Skylanders in your hands.

Via: Insider Gaming

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Editor's note: I don't know if it makes sense to file an appeal now that Microsoft has Activision Blizzard in its hands. With this in mind, perhaps it was not such a good decision that the different exponents allowed the transaction to take place at the end of last year.

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