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“The funniest way to cheat”



There are many ways to cheat in competitions, but this Pokémon Trading Card Game player really went to great lengths to outdo his competitors.

What kind of competition was that? The Pokémon Trading Card Game has local tournaments, so-called League CupsHere you can earn points to qualify for the annual Pokémon World Championship.

To ensure fair competition, there are certain rules for such tournaments:

  • A decklist must be submitted before the game.
  • The deck of cards is then checked before the game.
  • A faulty deck (for example, with a missing card) can result in penalties, such as a loss.

The Pokémon World Championship will take place in Hawaii this year:

Pokémon World Championship 2024: Trailer for the event in Hawaii

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Yummy, playing card!

At a Premier League At the end of last year, a player apparently tried to secure victory unfairly. This was reported by a participant in the competition, PuppyDuels, on X:

Someone in this competition just missed the Nowhere vacuum cleaner (a playing card) of his opponent and called a referee to inspect the deck.

The whole thing came about like this: The player in question called the referees to check something in his opponent’s deck. Apparently he was hoping that his opponent had a wrong card in his deck.

But while the referees were still discussing it among themselves, he took the initiative himself. He grabbed the disputed card and simply ate it. He then asked for the opponent’s deck to be checked again. This was now indeed faulty, as it contained one card too few.

His approach also seemed relatively safe:

If he had put the card in his pocket, the judges could have simply searched his pockets for the missing card. But if you eat the card, where is the proof? Who would be crazy enough to do something like that? What sounds more believable: the opponent has a faulty deck or someone ate the card?

PuppyDuels, via X

Was the fraud successful? After the strange incident, the round was still played as normal. Despite his full physical effort, the cheating card eater lost, which is why his offense was probably not pursued further.

Connor Pedersen writes (via X): “The referees probably felt that the congestion this player will suffer is punishment enough.”

Where is the evidence?

On X, many people demanded proof of the unbelievable events. PuppyDuels wrote:

Y’all are crazy DMing for proof. What should I do? Get an abdominal x-ray?

But the victim of the strange act, Jared Burgon, also confirms the truth of the statements: “True.” (via X)

What are the reactions? In general, the story causes a lot of surprise and amusement. On X, users write:

  • “Ok, did that really happen? If so, that’s probably the funniest way to cheat that I’ve ever heard of.” (Connor Pedersen)
  • “Omg this is awful but so damn funny at the same time LMAO” (AYONE)
  • “Wasn’t this filmed or something? I really want to see this” (delty)

Whether the whole thing really happened or not, the idea is certainly very amusing.

A player at the recent North American Pokémon International Championships (NAIC) caused further controversy. Due to an incident, some are now calling for a participant to be punished: At the Pokémon championship, a trainer was accused of insulting his opponent – but it could also be because he is Italian

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