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The Game Pass attracts new players to Diablo 4 – those who ask why everyone hates the game get hundreds of answers



9 months ago, Diablo 4, the latest part of the popular action RPG series, was launched. Shortly afterwards, the game and Blizzard received criticism that continues to this day. New players are now wondering why – because Diablo 4 is in great condition.

This is what Diablo 4 is currently doing:

Why are the players still complaining? Especially when it was released, Diablo 4 was in a state that many fans of the series considered unsustainable. They lacked “quality of life” features such as a loot filter or facilities for second characters.

However, the two most important aspects in every hack'n'slay received the greatest criticism: Endgame and Loot:

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The criticism still resonates today and Diablo 4 is still considered a flop, especially among the bitter part of the community, even though it isn't exactly that. The game still has many players, an active community and is attracting new players.

New players on social media are now wondering why Diablo 4 is considered so bad among hardcore fans, especially compared to Last Epoch.

We already spoke to the developers about the future of Diablo 4:

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“Half of them are mad that it’s not Diablo 2”

There are several threads on Reddit from new players asking about this exact phenomenon. It's even going so far that parts of the community want to discourage new players from playing Diablo 4 at all. A user simply asks why everyone hates the game and receives over 720 answers on Reddit. The top answer is quite short:

Half are mad that it's not Diablo 2.

A quarter are angry that it's not Diablo 3 with over 30 seasons of content.

The remaining quarter is angry because it's not the game that PoE became after 11 years of building.

The argument between fans about what Diablo 4 should and shouldn't be has been going on since its release. Some even think that the game would be better if it didn't just try to please everyone.

Others therefore note: If Diablo 4 had the quality features when it was released that it has now or that are still to come, the hatred wouldn't be so great. It simply came onto the market unfinished and now what should have been there at the beginning is slowly being added.

It is still true that many problems would only become clear after dozens of hours. Another Reddit user says that he isn't bored even at level 100. There is agreement here with the comment: If Diablo 4 becomes boring, just take a break and come back later.

The discussion is heating up again precisely because, on the one hand, the Game Pass brings new players, and on the other hand, Season 4 is bringing back old players. The upcoming Season 4 clears up the biggest points of criticism and is therefore sparking conversations throughout the community about whether Diablo 4 has now been “saved”. You can find all the information about Season 4 in Diablo 4 in our overview.

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