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The MMORPG Star Citizen introduces the new character editor for 15 minutes



star citizen editor

What does the character editor of an online role-playing game look like where the budget has long since exceeded all limits? You can see this in a 15-minute video for the MMORPG Star Citizen. It's slowly getting closer to a release and the previously only makeshift character editor is shining in new splendor.

This is what Star Citizen says about the character editor:

  • It is emphasized that the previous version only offered the bare minimum and only represents the basis for the current, much better character editor. The new character editor should count for the persistent universe, i.e. for the MMORPG part of Star Citizen.
  • Creating a character is incredibly important in Star Citizen: this is the only way the player can really feel like they own their character. “Ownership” is mentioned again and again.
  • The character editor is intended to give players the opportunity to change and adapt existing faces exactly to their liking with as few mouse clicks as possible. Over time, more scan-based facial options will be added to the editor.

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Editor looks great and modern

What stands out about the editor? The editor really looks very clean and gives the game a lot of freedom to change and model the faces in detail.

There are also some futuristic and pretty funky hair colors and hairstyles for those who prefer something more experimental.

Overall, the character creation is high quality and detailed. The developers say: “Finally the presentation is at the level we are aiming for.”

Option for export and import of models is particularly praised

How is the editor received? Overall, the comments on the video are very positive. The ability to import and export models is particularly praised.

One user says: “Can't wait to spend 10 hours making myself.”

When is all this supposed to happen? What is presented here will come to Star Citizen in Alpha 2.32.

In the future they want to expand the character editor and add tattoos, piercings, beard stubble and eye settings.

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