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The Monsterverse’s Biggest Secret Is Revealed




Although it has lost some strength, the Godzilla movie universe has continued to be present with the latest productions that have been released around the character, and we saw that with Minus One last year and also not so many months ago with the second crossover that was had with King Kong. However, all of them have an element in common that perhaps we have not realized, and that is that in the Monsteverse There are very specific and micrometric rules for a tape of the lizard to come to light.

They mention that within Toho there is a place known as the “Godzilla Room”, a place where the producers of this franchise have to meet to discuss what will be added in a new film of the character, adding the rules that cannot be broken to have consistency. Even one of the main people in charge of the franchise, TEtsuya Yoshikawa, has said what are the rules to follow so that the projects can see the light of day.

First he says that the room is made up of 14 people in total, and that they will decide what can be put into some of the productions or not, and if there are proposals that go out of line in any way. One of the rules that he made clear is that under no circumstances can the lizard die, whether from natural causes or in battle with another giant monster; and yes, he may be damaged or very weak, but in the end he will be in good shape, given that at the end of the day he has never been considered a villain.

Here is part of what he said:

Some of the big rules are that Godzilla never dies and that Godzilla doesn’t prey on people or things.

We also check these things from the script stage of Godzilla Minus One. The same goes for the Hollywood version. Managing the film by clarifying agreements and principles, rather than simply going by intuition, also leads to the film’s credibility.

That means Toho Not only is it limited to taking care of the productions made in Japan, but they also ask the people who make the Western versions to take care of these aspects, otherwise they may refuse to lend the rights to the character.

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Author’s note: I hope that soon I can see the second part of Godzilla and Kong, since I was looking forward to seeing that filming in theaters. Maybe a review of the entire monsterverse wouldn’t be bad.

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