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The new features added to iOS in March 2024




As the years go by, the operating system of Apple devices continues to grow, and that makes people surprised by all the implementations that arrive, such as the configuration of alert sounds and even functions that were thought impossible. And now, in the month of March, news will arrive for the well-known iOSspecifically version 17.4 that the owners of the brand's most modern phones will receive without any problems.

Among the first things that are going to be added to the changes, is the fact that new emojis are going to be added to different messaging applications, although of course, the exclusive one for Manzana It is the most beneficial for those who communicate through this medium. Then there is the application update Podcastwith extra functions to help you search for programs of your own taste and create them using even the recording section.

However, the most important thing that will come to iOS is the possibility of entering third-party application stores, something that was not allowed before, given that the App Store It was the exclusive way that companies could release their software to the aforementioned operating system. Added to this is that the different payments that can be made within the network can be made on pages external to the store. Manzana and also Safariwith options to carry out operations up to Google Chrome.

Likewise, we will have the default browser option, so if the user is in Facebook but click on a link that will take you to an internet page, you will no longer go directly to Safaribut you can go to your preferred search engine as Mozilla Fire Fox. However, there is a detail with the part of third-party application stores, and that is that for now it will only be reaching the European Union, given that a specific law was introduced so that those of Manzana allow it.

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Editor's note: It's good that the company finally looks more permissive and less monopolizing, but that only applies when they file a million-dollar lawsuit. So on this continent we are going to continue with the same thing, unless they want a global change.

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