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The new mode in WoW divides the community, gets even bigger, causes joy and concerns



Plunderstorm is an experiment: a battle royale in World of Warcraft in which everyone starts with the same conditions. The mode polarizes like nothing else in the MMORPG for a long time and will get a trio mode with the next patch.

What kind of mode is this?

This is what changes in Plunderstorm: In the recent streamer showdown “Creator Royale,” the developers announced that you will soon be able to play Plunderstorm in trios. At the moment only solo or duo matches are possible.

The number of players is expected to remain limited to 60, so you will then fight against 19 other teams. The update is supposed to come “next week”, probably April 2nd or 3rd (via wowhead).

Trios are a mode that has been requested by many fans of the mode since Plunderstorm was released. However, there are concerns about whether this is really such a good idea.

WoW: Plunderstorm – this is how the battle royale mode works

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“Hope they keep it, it’s good for the game.”

Plunderstorm is absolute chaos and intentionally not “balanced.” Blizzard said that directly at the release. However, there are currently some problems that spoil the fun of the game:

  • Some spells are simply too strong, despite nerfs they dominate the matches
  • Lags cause the hitboxes of many spells to appear inconsistent
  • In duos there are a few skill combinations that can easily wipe out opponents without resistance
  • There is no opportunity to provide meaningful support and save your partner

In addition, it has now become common practice for a few players to simply loot and then kill themselves in order to grind reputation as quickly as possible. They have no interest in the mode and just want the rewards, which spoils the fun of the “honest” players.

The upcoming trios are now causing further discussions. There are concerns on Reddit, for example, about whether it will now become even easier to wipe out other players with coordinated groups.

That's true, some fans say, but that's okay. In a perfect setup, it should be possible to wipe out individual opponents. As soon as the entire enemy team defends itself, things will look different again.

In general, the news from the trio is well received, but the idea of ​​Plunderstorm itself is still viewed critically. The fronts here are quite hardened: Some think that Plunderstorm is a waste of development time, which Blizzard would rather use real game should stick.

The others say that Plunderstorm is a perfect change. Something new that is only in the game for a short time, an experiment – even if many fans would like to see Plunderstorm as a permanent mode. Or recurring with new motifs. Blizzard has already announced at least new PvE content in a similar form for PÜatch 10.2.7.

Blizzard fans love to hate Blizzard too much and Plunderstorm is the perfect excuse to do so. The developers have tried something new here – something that many have wanted. Still, there is anger: “Stop being so negative” – Big WoW streamer complains about players who criticize Plunderstorm

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