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The new opening of the Demon Slayer anime is leaked |




The world of anime is much more present than ever, and that has led large franchises to become the most relevant in the industry, among examples we have Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Captain Tsubasa, Knights of the Zodiac and more classics that have managed to stay relevant. However, there are new projects that have also formed a new generation of fans, and at the top is none other than Demon Slayer, which continues to release animated seasons.

In fact, the fourth season of this franchise is on track to premiere in a few days on Japan, and that means having a new opening for the show, something that always happens when there are new episodes and thus generates excitement among those who wait for the content. The expectation has been so great that this introduction has even been leaked, with a video of not so good quality, but in the end it has images of the latest animation technology that will leave many with their mouths open.

Here you can check it:

For those who don't know the franchise, here is its synopsis:

The plot follows Tanjiro as he embarks on a journey to avenge his family's death and find a cure for Nezuko, who still retains her humanity despite being turned into a demon. In search of him, Tanjiro joins the demon hunter organization known as the “Demon Hunter Corps,” where he receives training and meets other demon hunters with unique abilities.

Throughout the series, Tanjiro and his fellow demon hunters face various challenges and powerful enemies, as they explore the world of demons and discover more about their history and nature. The series is known for its stunning animation, lovable characters, and exciting action scenes, and has gained widespread popularity both in Japan and around the world.

Remember that season 4 de Demon Slayer arrives in spring 2024but first there will be a confirmed introductory chapter for the February 22.

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Editor's note: The truth is I'm not that fond of this anime, but I understand the expectation of waiting between seasons, because at the time it happened to me with Naruto or other older series. So, it's a good thing that fans continue to have quality content with their favorite shows.

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