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The new season of Battlefield 2042 has rekindled my passion for PvP shooters – but unfortunately not for Battlefield



Battlefield 2042 has been on the market for over 2 years now. Season 7 is now scheduled to start on March 18th and has some free content in store for you. MeinMMO editor Dariusz was already able to play some of the season's content and had fun, even though he was just tired of PvP. The only question is, whether that's a good thing for Battlefield.

The year 2024 got off to a very relaxed start for me. I took a break from PvP shooters and played Palworld and Helldivers instead. I need that every now and then when I'm tired of the constant competition. As soon as I notice that I'm getting more excited than having fun in games like The Finals or Valorant, it's time for a break. But a few months later I always return to PvP.

When I was invited by the Battlefield developers to play Season 7, I was actually happy that I wasn't playing PvP at the moment. I particularly enjoy Helldivers. Of course I accepted the invitation anyway and yes… how should I put it? Now the grind is calling.

Battlefield 2042 shows Season 7 in the action-packed gameplay trailer

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The new map is good, the MP is better

I enjoy the new weapons and I also liked the new “Harbour” map – and I’m actually not a fan of the 2042 maps. The infantry battle between the houses around the C flag was particularly entertaining.

My highlight, however, was the new submachine gun. The SCZ-3 goes like Schmitz's cat. It has a high rate of fire and can be equipped with a drum magazine. It also has easily controllable recoil, which meant I was able to secure kills that were actually outside the ideal range of an SMG. The real model of the SCZ-3 would have to be the “CZ Scorpion EVO 3”. A weapon that I enjoy playing in many games.

The new assault rifle, the AK 5C, is also solid and can still be used easily even at slightly greater distances. I don't know if she has what it takes to be part of the current meta, but she didn't feel bad.

Season 7 has reignited my passion for PvP…

Season 7 of Battlefield 2042 has reignited my flame for PvP, I just don't know if I'll let it burn in Battlefield yet. I like the movement and gunplay of Battlefield 2042 and find both areas extremely successful to this day. The speed of movement, the sliding – I just enjoy it. My problems with the game always lay elsewhere.

So when I slid through the new desert map while playing the season and shot around with the Scorpion's high rate of fire, I actually felt happy. I had fun and felt the urge to spend a lot of time in PvP over the next few weeks. But when I thought about which games I should play, Battlefield 2042 was more of a sideshow.

A short time later I played Titanfall 2 one evening, followed by Rainbow Six: Siege the next. I have also already installed the latest updates for The Finals, Valorant and Overwatch 2. Battlefield 2042 is also on my SSD, but has to share my limited time with numerous other titles.

The passion is missing

Battlefield actually gave me exactly the right feeling with Season 7. But unfortunately I know that I was primarily enjoying the circumstances of the face-off event.

The players present all wanted to test the new weapons and gathered at points on the map where this was possible. Tanks and helicopters were rarely used as there are no new ones in Season 7. In general, players tried to capture the flags and not only acted with the aim of farming kills without helping the team.

I usually lose interest in Battlefield when I'm annoyed by the fact that I'm constantly being bombarded by vehicles on very open maps because the pilot is a young god and I can't do anything against him. Or when both teams are full of snipers who don't even try to take a point.

I'm simply not a fan of many 2042 maps. The new map is good, but usually you don't just play one map. When I need to play break or hourglass, I actually want to press ALT+F straight away. This thought shows me: I like playing Battlefield, but I have no passion for the shooter.

While I don't feel passionate about Battlefield, it could be a lot worse. For example, if the next part is a pure extraction shooter: There are only 2 types of new, successful PvP shooters left and both are crap

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