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The new Throne and Liberty brings the massive back to MMORPG



Amazon is drumming up support for Throne and Liberty, the new MMORPG from South Korea, which now finally has a release date. It is scheduled to be released on September 17, 2024 for PC, PS5 and Xbox.

This is the situation:

But apparently there was a breakthrough during an Amazon visit to South Korea at the end of May 2024 and now the release date has been set. Amazon is moving into the hype phase.

Throne and Liberty – This is how the 1st fortress battle went

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There will only be one version of Throne and Liberty

This is what Amazon says about the release: In an interview with “TheGamer”, two people responsible for Throne and Liberty talk about it: Marv Lee Kwai, who was already known as the western face of the South Korean ArcheAge, and Daniel Lafuente.

The two emphasize that players in the West will get the “original Throne and Liberty” and not some other version. The MMORPG was developed with a global audience in mind and a lot of player feedback has been taken into account, including the feedback from Western players in beta tests.

In any case, there will only be one version.

Each class fights with both hands, which should enable cool combinations

What is the unique feature in the game? Amazon highlights a peculiarity of the game: every class in the game fights with both hands and you can mix the items.

For example, carrying a dagger and a wand, or a greatsword and crossbow, or a combination of sword/shield and a longbow.

This is supposed to be the game’s “ace up its sleeve,” the developers explain.

Lafuente says:

The dual weapon system dictates what abilities you have. I think it gives you more unique opportunities to create these crazy classes where someone wields both a sword and a staff. And that gives them access to magical abilities and the “I’ll swing my big sword at you” type abilities, so you see some pretty unique types of builds being created by players. I think the most important thing is that players can experience more than one playstyle.

“Everything about Throne and Liberty is massive”

How is Throne and Liberty different from other MMORPGs? Here LaFuente says: From day one, everything at Throne and Liberty was built to be what you would call “solid”:

Massive scale, everything about it, the world, the buildings, everything. And the technology that’s being developed right now will allow for things like castle sieges, where thousands of players participate in a castle siege. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s already something that’s been seen in Korean life service: thousands of players participating in that castle siege. That’s probably the biggest event we have. And then there are other things that involve hundreds of players, all the way up to battles between guilds, which will be more in the 50v50, 60v60 range. Scale is a big part of what we’re expecting in Throne & Liberty, especially when it comes to PvP battles.

We reported on the battles with 1,000 players here.

There is a good reason why the massive disappeared

This is what’s behind it: You should be skeptical about these hype statements before a release. One big question, for example, is how on earth you’re going to get 1,000 simultaneous players in a castle siege on a PS5.

Anyone who has experienced such mass battles in Dark Age of Camelot or The Elder Scrolls Online knows how enormously performance-hungry they are.

There are good reasons why we moved away from such mass battles 20 years ago and have since then relied on instanced areas in which only relatively few players can be active at the same time: In WoW, in most areas there are five (dungeons) or a maximum of 80 (the PvP battlefield Alterac Valley):

  • These battles are extremely laggy and performance hungry
  • It is unfair because one side often has many more people than the other
  • The gameplay is not that great, it all seems very random and hardly coordinated

If Throne and Liberty were as bad as the developers describe it, it would be inexplicable why the developers in South Korea kept quiet about the MMORPG’s figures and had to answer very uncomfortable questions at a press conference about why the company’s performance was going so far downhill.

But we don’t want to paint a bleak picture and describe one of the most exciting MMORPG releases of the past ten years in the ground before it has even been released. The game’s visual appeal seems to be impeccable in any case. And one can hope that Amazon as a publisher has learned a few things after the two gigantic launches of New World and Lost Ark.

It must be emphasized that the version for PS5 and Xbox is really something new and neither Amazon nor NCSoft have any experience to draw on.

But the game will be free and there will be opportunities to check out the PC version soon. Then we will all know more: Throne and Liberty: Everything you need to know about release, classes, gameplay, open beta, price and platforms

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