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The new WoW mount has a lousy drop chance and you only have 7 days



A new mount in World of Warcraft is causing a lot of frustration. Because the drop chance is poor and everyone only has a few days to get it.

The Nobel Garden Festival has started in World of Warcraft. Like every year, it's about looking for eggs and lots of rewards. This year, however, there are some new features, including a new quest line, many cosmetic rewards – and a mount.

However, this exclusive mount has a terribly low drop chance of just 1%. And time is running…

What mount is it? We are talking about the “Noble Flying Carpet”. This is a mount available for the first time with Nobel Garden 2024. The mount can be included in the “Loot-filled Basket” available for a daily quest. Please note, however, that only characters of level 60 or higher can receive the correct basket.

WoW Noblegarden Carpet wowhead
The flying carpet causes stress – because time is ticking. Image source: wowhead

What's the problem with the mount? If you look at the current community reports and calculations from wowhead, the special magic carpet has a very low drop chance of around 1%. For an event that only runs for 7 days a year, that's a pretty bad chance. With just a single character, it would statistically take many years before you could add the mount to your collection.

Community reacts with criticism: In the various comment sections, the revision of the Nobel Garden Festival is not particularly well received precisely because of the mount.

The main criticism here is that the time limit on the respective events, in addition to the low drop chance, only fuels “FOMO”, i.e. the fear of not being able to get something. This promotes unhealthy and tiring gaming behavior. Collectors in particular feel compelled to defeat the current event boss with as many characters as possible in order to have the maximum number of chances. This in turn means that these people do virtually nothing else in World of Warcraft for the entire week.

Here are some voices from the wowhead article:

  • “1 %? I'm not a sore loser, but that's LOW. Especially when we’re talking about an event that only lasts a week.” – Durmista
  • “Do you remember when they talked so much about the love rocket and how they wanted to solve it better in the future? Lol” – Malruned
  • “Blizz is hosting a trolling masterclass and we’re all invited.” – deiXide

On the one hand, mounts should be exclusive and exciting, but on the other hand, events with a short duration should also offer rewards that can be earned by everyone. How would you solve the problem?

There is also “stress” right now because WoW is dissing its own players with nasty patch notes.

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