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The next Halo would come to PlayStation 5



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With rumors of Xbox becoming a third-party publisher, many have wondered what will happen to the company's properties. In this way, a few days ago a report even mentioned that the Gears of War series would come to the PlayStation 5. Now, A new job listing notes that the next Halo game would be available on all platforms.

According to a job application for Lead Game Systems Designer at 343 Industries, the next installment in the series will be available “for all players, on all platforms”. The information indicates that the new hire will establish clear design objectives and deliverables, focusing the systems design team on achieving a cohesive, high-quality experience for all players, on all platforms.

Now, at the moment it is unknown specifically what the request refers to when it refers to “all platforms.” This could very well just be a reference to the next Halo being available on Xbox, PC, and the cloud. However, considering all the information and rumors we have heard in recent days, The possibility of this title reaching the PlayStation 5, and even the successor to the Nintendo Switch, has not been ruled out.

Along with this, a report by an insider has indicated that the next Halo game would come to PlayStation 5, although Halo Infinite it would stay on Xbox Series X|S. As always, there is no official information at the moment, but considering that Phil Spencer plans to hold a presentation focused on the company's future next week, it is very likely that we will soon have a clear idea about the next step for Xbox and its products. properties. On related topics, Xbox will not abandon the console market. Likewise, these are the first opinions of the series of Halo.

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Editor's Note:

It would be very strange to see Halo on PlayStation 5. However, the possibility of this eventually happening is not ruled out. The important thing here is not whether or not Halo will come to a PS5, but that the next title in the series is fun and justifies its purchase, something that Infinite did not effectively demonstrate.

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