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The Rock is injured and that has serious consequences




Recently the actor known as The Rock has presented new news about the creation of his new film called The Smashing Machine, which is currently in the recording part, and that is why he has had to continue training regularly. However, an accident happened and things had to be altered.

Dwayne Johnson has suffered a major injury in the new A24 movie in which he plays the wrestler MMA Mark Kerr, next to Emily Blunt. Johnson, also known for his career in WWE, has reported through his social networks that he injured his elbow during the preparation of the biopic. This injury has forced a temporary halt to production of the film, with which Johnson hopes to revitalize his career after the failure of Black Adam and the controversies in the filming of RedOne for Amazon Prime Video.

In a post on Instagram, Johnson showed inflammation and fluid accumulated in his elbow, which prevents him from undergoing medical tests to determine the severity of the injury. Here you can see it:

The Rock

The production of ‘The Smashing Machine’ is on hiatus while Johnson recovers. The film, directed by Ben Safdie, is scheduled for release in 2025 and follows Kerr’s life during his rise in the UFC, tackling themes of addiction, victory and love. Even with all this, it is possible that its planned release date will be delayed a few weeks.

Via: Instagram

AA Pleca-Amazon-OK

Author’s note: It is very sad that the rock was injured, but in the end it matters that it is not something permanent for the actor and fighter.

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