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The Sand Land anime already has a release date




This year Akira Toriyama's creations are having a lot of exposure, given that dragon ball will arrive with a new series and also a video game, both scheduled to premiere in the coming months. But that's not all, since one more work by this creator is having its second wind, and it is nothing more nor less than Sand Landwhich will also have its video game and a series that is already around the corner.

According to what has been said through the account of Twitter official, the series will have its premiere next March 20 of the current year, this with 7 episodes released on the same day, so that later each week a new one is released until reaching the total of 13 to cover the entire one shot style manga. The platform chosen for Latin America is Star Plusin which the original language is supposed to come, it is not yet known if there will also be dubbing into Spanish from the region.


Here is a synopsis of the franchise:

Sand Land is a manga created by Akira Toriyama, known mainly for being the creator of “Dragon Ball.” Published in 2000 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, “Sand Land” is a one-shot, which means it is a self-contained story in a single volume.

The plot takes place in a desert world where water is an extremely scarce resource and controlled by a tyrant called the King Army. The protagonist, a brave young tank named Sheriff Rao, teams up with a demon named Beelzebub on a mission to find water for his people. As they travel together across the arid landscape, they meet various colorful characters and face numerous challenges as they fight for freedom and justice.


Remember that the video game also arrives on multi-console in the month of April.

Via: Sportskeeda


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Editor's note: It is quite striking that this project is going to have many releases this year, and I hope that there will be a reprint of the manga that came out with the Panini publishing house. They should take advantage of the opportunity now that things are looking promising for this franchise.

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