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The savior of Final Fantasy 14 is about to make the biggest mistake of his career



According to director and producer Naoki Yoshida, there will be no alternative starting point for Final Fantasy 14 with the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. MeinMMO editor Karsten Scholz thinks this is a big mistake.

I've been promoting Final Fantasy 14 for many years because, in my opinion, far too few MMORPG fans have noticed how great the game has developed since the launch of A Realm Reborn in August 2013 – FF14 is also worth it in 2024 .

For World of Warcraft (at least number 1 on my list of the best games of all time) there are some expansions that were ultimately disappointing and hurt the gaming experience. Final Fantasy 14, however, is gradually getting better with every addon.

But I also find it impressive how packed the content patches for the Eorzea adventure have been since the resurrection (and still are today). As if the Square team responsible wanted to apologize for years for the disastrous launch in September 2010.

MeinMMO editor Karsten is really looking forward to Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail – here is the trailer:

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail – The final trailer

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The father of success

In my opinion, the previous masterpiece came with Shadowbringers or the beginning of the Endwalker expansion. The authors actually managed to bring the big story surrounding the two gods Hydaelyn and Zodiark to an end that most FF14 fans are completely satisfied with. A masterpiece considering the story was told over a long decade.

All of these achievements are closely linked to director and producer Naoki Yoshida, who took the helm for the reboot. Yoshida is affectionately called Yoshi-P by fans. At the Final Fantasy 14 fan festivals, guests frenetically celebrate every appearance by the chief developer.

MeinMMO editor Sophia Weiss was there for you at the last European Fan Festival:

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London 2023

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False start that takes effort

Despite the numerous strengths of the current version of Final Fantasy 14 and my attempts to recruit it, many newcomers are rejected by the online role-playing game from Square Enix. The level phase up to the current endgame area takes an eternity and feels tough and lacking in fun, especially in the beginning.

The high global cooldown in combination with the initially small number of skills torpedoes any kind of dynamic. The walking distances are long. The design of most quests is boring. The staging of dialogues and events is often old-fashioned. At the same time you are bombarded with names, mechanics and systems.

Sure, you can invest a few euros in so-called adventure stories to take a shortcut. But how many players actually get up the courage to start a new MMORPG, only to spend more money only to end up running into the next wall due to a lack of a proper introduction?

Is the alternative starting experience coming?

When the Square developers talked a while ago about an alternative starting point that they could introduce with the upcoming expansion Dawntrail, there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. With genre competitors like WoW and The Elder Scrolls Online, such customized entry experiences have been working for a while.

In addition, the timing for such an offer with Dawntrail would have been perfect. Finally, the new story arc of Final Fantasy 14 really gets going in the summer. According to PC Gamer, Yoshi-P has so far decided against this step.

As for the story, we are not currently planning a new skip feature. This is something I'm constantly torn about, and we've already implemented a feature that allows players to learn more about the story, setting and characters even as they read the story (via the adventure stories ) skip.

Naoki Yoshida via PC Gamer

The chief developer further explains that he is worried that Final Fantasy 14 would lose value due to such a function. After all, this would mean missing out on a globally celebrated story.

However, I for one am sure that without such a shortcut, Square Enix will have more and more problems attracting newcomers to Final Fantasy 14. And that's a real shame. Anyone who spends countless hours fighting through A Realm Reborn and the first expansions will eventually find one of the best MMORPGs on the market beneath the tough, old-fashioned gaming experience.

If you want to give Final Fantasy 14 a chance, you can do so on Xbox for the first time from March 21st

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