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The Simpsons make a great reference to Mario Kart




It is well known that at this time The Simpson They are having a new season, which is launching episodes for all types of audiences, either with nods that are reminiscent of the golden age of the series and also for those who are just joining this universe full of yellow characters. And in their last episode they have launched a singular reference to video games, we are specifically talking about a franchise of Nintendo Quite loved by the casual and hardcore gamer.

Of course we talk about Mario Kart, and the reference can be found in the chapter known as Lisa Gets an F1in which we can appreciate a dream in which the middle daughter is competing in a wild race, playing the role of the mustachioed Nintendo. We can also see Milhouse as Yoshi and Homer as Wariowith an ending in which some of them fall off the track thanks to the objects, until they wake up from their nap.

Here you can see it:

Here more references of Nintendo in The Simpson:

– “Marge Be Not Proud” (Season 7, Episode 11): Bart is caught stealing a video game from the store. When Marge confronts him, Bart is seen playing a Nintendo parody game called “Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge”, a reference to Mario's golf games.

– “Bart Gets an F” (Season 2, Episode 1): In one scene, Bart is daydreaming at school and thinks about himself playing “Bonestorm”, a Nintendo parody game similar to “Mortal Kombat”.

– “Bart's Friend Falls in Love” (Season 3, Episode 23): In this episode, Milhouse lends Bart his Nintendo Game Boy with the game “Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.” Bart is disappointed with the game and decides not to play it.

– “Marge Be Not Proud” (Season 7, Episode 11): In one scene, Bart is daydreaming about video games. He is shown playing a parody version of Nintendo called “Billy Graham's Bible Blaster”.

Remember that the new season of this series will arrive after Star Plusonce it finishes airing on TV.

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Editor's note: It's very funny to see Homer as Wario, because surely people had already imagined him that way in case the parody existed. Let's hope that the season will be launched in a few days for our territory, and thus we will see the dubbing with the original cast.

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