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The technical specifications of the PS5 Pro would be real |




These last few days have been the focus of rumors related to Sony, as the long-awaited could soon be announced PS5 Pro, of which documents have supposedly been leaked with the specifications it will have compared to the console that is currently on the market. And now, one of the most formal media in the industry has announced that much of this information would be real, so this increase in power when it comes to hardware will be put on the shelves this year.

As reported by technology enthusiasts, Digital Foundry, the information previously shared by the Youtuber called Moore's Law is Dead They are authentic, so everything distributed in technical matters would be what is included in the final version of this supposed console that improves the PS5 conventional. Added to this is the recent rumor of the issue of backward compatibility, since it would supposedly be the same as the PS6something to avoid future problems.

Here is a table with the data:

First, it is established that it will have an 8-core AMD CPU at 3.85 GHz derived from the Zen 2 architecture. For its part, the graphics card would be 33.5 teraflops of graphics performance, three times more than the model we know. The bandwidth would also have been increased, going from 448 GB/s on the PS5 to 576 GB/s. This would also make the SSD faster to play the most advanced titles with non-existent loading screens and there is a possible storage of perhaps two TB.

In the same way we talk about the PlayStation Spectral Resolution (PSSR), a scaler that could raise graphics up to 4K and 8K resolutions. With values ​​similar to the DLSS of NVIDIA, which currently handles multipliers of 50, 57, and 66% of the native resolution. And of course, the power of the graphics would be similar to what a high-end computer can achieve, that is, similar to what they offer us with the line 40, which is the newest model on the market.

To this we add that the launch date would be for the Christmas party season of this year. 2024.

Via: Eurogamer

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Editor's note: This console will definitely be put on the market at the end of the year, but the success it achieves may not be what the company expected. We will have to wait for new communications such as a State of Play, this in order to tell us more in depth about how the product will be composed.

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