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The United States blocks Kaspersky for links with Russia |




We have known for a while that Russia is not the most beloved nation in the world due to its conflict that apparently is not over yet, and therefore, countries like USA They have become distrustful of products that have an origin or connection with that country. For this reason, the antivirus company Kaspersky has entered the eye of the eagle, and it is possible that the government in charge of Joe Biden prohibit its distribution in the coming weeks to come.

According to what has been mentioned in some media, the US Department of Commerce is about to add this brand to the blacklist of unwanted as TikTokwhich would prevent it from selling its antivirus in that region of the world. Gina RaimondoSecretary of Commerce, declared that the software represents a threat to the security of the nation, and that indicates that they are no longer trusting anyone large who does not have said nationality.

Within the government it is assured that by installing the security suite, Russia could steal citizens’ data or install malware on computers that will obviously lead to their personal information. They mention that the country has demonstrated that it has the capacity and intention to exploit companies like Kaspersky to collect and use American information as a weapon, at least that is what Raimondo says in his statement.

Their policies do not help them, as they say the following:

We may transfer the personal information we collect from you to recipients in countries other than the country in which the information was originally collected. These countries may not have the same data protection laws as the country in which you initially provided the information.

Kaspersky Lab is a global company. To offer our services, we may need to transfer your personal information between various countries, including the Russian Federation, where we are based.

Therefore, from July 20th sales would be blocked. Customers will have until September 29, 2024 to find an alternative or they will stop receiving software updates. During that period, the Cybersecurity Agency will contact all infrastructure companies to carry out a migration, if it becomes necessary for customers in the United States.

Via: Axios

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Author’s note: For the United States, they are all suspicions, which is why they want TikTok to sell to them so they don’t get kicked out of the market, but I hope no one gives in to the demands and they simply leave the region with their heads held high.

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