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The United States launches a lawsuit against Adobe




A few years ago, the Adobe company discovered that it was much more profitable to charge people to use their tools as a monthly rental, and that led them to forget about lifetime licenses in order to have the business model that surprisingly keeps them alive. . However, they have just established new rules that have just exhausted the patience of the United States, and that problem has made people not sit idly by and attack the software company in the form of a lawsuit.

What is alleged in the statement is that users are being deceived, given that when they pay for one of the memberships to Creative or any of the programs do not establish that if they cancel, they will be charged a fine for removing the membership before having completed one year. And the figure for wanting to no longer use the services amounts to hundreds of dollars, because it would be a way of wanting to retain customers even if they no longer have the need to use the programs on their computers.


The regulatory body mentions that Adobe It is inviting users to pay for an annual plan but without making it clear to them that the clauses have said fine for canceling before completing the year of payment, leaving users with no other option than to continue paying or pay the infraction. This has not gone unnoticed, so they are looking for the company to make modifications and now make them clear to users.

Here is part of his claim:


During enrollment, Adobe hides the material terms of its annual, pay-monthly plan in fine print behind text boxes and optional hyperlinks, providing inconspicuous annotations that most consumers never see. Adobe then discourages cancellations using an onerous and complicated process. As part of this procedure, Adobe ambushes subscribers when they try to cancel, with a previously hidden early cancellation fee. Through these practices, Adobe has violated federal laws designed to protect consumers.

Even in the declaration FTC mentions that there are clients who allegedly spoke to customer service to cancel, but they ignored it and continued charging the fee, something that is also part of its supposedly misleading clauses. Here what was mentioned:

When consumers contact Adobe customer service to cancel, they encounter resistance and delays from their representatives. They also experience other obstacles, such as dropped calls and chats and multiple transfers. Some consumers who thought they had successfully canceled their subscription reported that the company continued to charge them until the charges were discovered on their credit card statements.

US authorities claim that the practices of Adobe break the law THREAD (Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act). The FTC and the Department of Justice ask a district court in California to rule against the defendants and impose a financial penalty. They are also seeking to obtain a permanent court order to prevent future violations of the regulations.


Via: FTC

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Author’s note: It will definitely not be a good year for Adobe, but they gain that by not letting people pay for lifetime access as in the past, since it was better to leave it that way and charge people for important updates. They would have saved a lot of inconvenience.


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