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The work of the new CEO of PlayStation began




Last year there was strong news from PlayStation managers, as it was confirmed that Jim Ryan He was going to leave the company and a couple of weeks ago his cycle ended, that means that someone must be in charge immediately and the person chosen is Hiroki Totokiwho was already part of sony but from another department. In fact, in previous weeks he has commented that they will be making some changes, and one of the news that was quite popular is that in 2024 There will be no great exclusives from their studies.

Something that should be mentioned about this is that he is an interim president, so he is only provisional while they find the true successor of Jim Ryan, but he will still contribute his experience so that everything flows well for at least a year.

Here is part of the statement sony about Totoki:

Mr. Totoki will work closely with Sony Group Corporation Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and SIE's leadership team to help define the next chapter of PlayStation's future, including the succession of SIE's CEO position.

Here are some statements from Totoki in relation to the changes that are coming in PlayStation:

In the past, we wanted to popularize consoles, and the main goal of a first-party title was to make the console popular.

This is true, but there is a synergy in it, so if you have strong first-party content, not only on our console but also on other platforms, such as computers, a first-party (game) can grow with cross-platform. and that can help improve operating profits, so that's another aspect that we want to work on proactively.

Personally, I believe there are opportunities to improve margin, so I would like to be aggressive in improving our margin performance.

For now it is unknown when the final CEO will arrive.

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Editor's note: I don't think it's going to be a representative face of the division, because since it's temporary it doesn't make any sense. So they will have to improvise for the next live shows in which they reveal new video games to us.

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