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Then you see delusion with different eyes



In his new video, Marco from Nerdkultur talks about a crime thriller from 2011 and why it might be worth watching the film again now.

Who is Marco Risch? Marco Risch has been uploading videos with news, reviews, analyzes and interviews about current films, series and video games to his YouTube channel Nerdkultur since 2015.

In his podcast Nerd & Culture every Sunday he chats with his colleague Yves Arievich about topics like Star Wars, Marvel and DC. Both are part of the Webedia network, of which MeinMMO is also a part.

In his new video he talks about the successful thriller Verblendenung from 2011, the second film adaptation of the novel of the same name. Here in the main roles with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara:

Afterwards you will see GLADNESS with different eyes…

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Why should you watch Delusion? In his video, Marco talks about why the film adaptation with Daniel Craig is actually quite worthwhile, even though there was already a very good film adaptation in 2009.

Marco particularly praises the music of David Fincher's 2011 film adaptation, which contributes very well to the atmosphere of the film. Likewise, Jeff Cronenweth's cinematography gives the film a cinematic quality that sets it apart from the original trilogy.

Marco also discusses the actors' performances in his video. Although the story takes place in Sweden, some actors chose not to use a Swedish accent. Daniel Craig, among others, found the attempt to speak with a Swedish accent rather silly and simply decided against it.

Marco provides you with more interesting facts about the almost three-hour film in his video. And afterwards you might really see the thriller with different eyes.

Marco also talks about the use of music in films in this video: How a simple technique helped the Marvel films be a success

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