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There are now 3 new survival games on Steam with special ideas – which one should I play?



2024 has just begun and survival games have already conquered Steam. After the surprising success of Palworld, Enshrouded and Nightingale quickly followed suit. Players are already complaining that they don't know which one to play first. MeinMMO helps with the decision.

What kind of games are these? Palworld, Enshrouded and Nightingale are all new games that can be assigned to the sandbox survival genre. You can find each of the games on Steam, Palworld even on Xbox. There is currently no PS5 version for any of them.

All three games feature extensive base building, exploration and co-op gameplay. Each of them has a special twist:

  • Enshrouded has strong influences from recent Zelda games and has a strong sense of adventure.
  • Palworld lets you catch Pals, similar to Pokémon, only a little more… adult and significantly nastier.
  • Nightingale sends you through portals into dozens of worlds and plays with well-known characters from the Victorian era.

We'll introduce you to all three games here and give you a few short tips that will help you assess whether each game is worth it for you or not. Keep in mind that they are all still in development, so you may encounter unfinished content or errors. There is a small bonus at the end with two games that have now left Early Access.

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Enshrouded: The early access trailer for the new survival hit on Steam

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This is what makes Enshrouded special: In Enshrouded you play as one of the last people in a world that is engulfed by a deadly fog and you can be one of the few to survive it. Now you should save the country.

To do this, you uncover the huge map, defeat enemies and bosses and, above all, travel a lot. The special thing about Enshrouded are the puzzle towers, in which there are no enemies, but tricky puzzles await. You can find a detailed test here on GameStar:

Enshrouded comes from the German developer studio Keen Games in Frankfurt and had huge success on Steam when it was released, although it had to compete directly with Palworld. In less than a month, the game has garnered over 2 million players and is currently rated “very positive” on Steam at 87%.

Enshrouded is worth it for you if…

  • … you liked the Zelda series.
  • … you're looking for a combat system like Valheim, but with a better skill tree.
  • … you like the idea of ​​a base with NPCs like in Conan Exiles.
  • … exploration and adventure are important to you.
  • … you like building, Enshrouded has a voxel system like Minecraft.

Enshrouded is not for you if…

  • … you don't like a comic look at all.
  • … you're all about survival, the system here works more like food in Valheim.
  • … you're looking for realism, like in SCUM.

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