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There is a date for Spy x Family: Code White in Mexico



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After a successful premiere at the end of 2023, managing to raise more than 38 million dollars in Japan, Spy x Family: Code White, the first film of the acclaimed anime, will finally arrive in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Thus, Today it has finally been revealed exactly when we will be able to see the Forger family on the big screen.

According to Crunchyroll, Spy x Family: Code White It will premiere in Mexico and the rest of Latin America on April 25, 2024. Best of all, this will be a simultaneous premiere throughout the region, so there will not be a wait similar to the one we saw with The Boy and the Heron by Studio Ghibli. This is the description of the new tape:

“Spy x Family Code: White presents an original and independent plot. Starring secret agent Twilight, his lethal wife murders Yor, his adoptive daughter Anya with telepathic abilities. And of course, the unique family dog: Bond. The film will embark on a totally new mission, promising excitement and unexpected twists for viewers.”

Although at the moment the pre-order of tickets for the selected cinemas is not available, as we get closer to the established date, more and more information will be released. Unfortunately, At the moment only a Japanese version with subtitles is confirmedand it is unknown if the Spanish dubbed version will ever arrive.

Remember, Spy x Family: Code White It will premiere in Mexico and Latin America on April 25, 2024. On related topics, a new anime game will come to the West. Likewise, the manga creator shares new art.

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Editor's Note:

This is one of the few anime movies I'm excited to watch. Although I have never seen the Spy x Family anime, I really like the manga, and if this new story strikes a good balance between comedy and action, I will be more than happy with the final result.

Via: Crunchyroll

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