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There's a mechanic in Helldivers 2 that regularly costs you victory and you probably don't even know it



In Helldivers 2 there is no long tutorial and you rely more on “learning by doing” or “learning by dying”. But this also means that many players do not have basic information.

What mechanics do only a few know? In Helldivers 2 it's worth taking a look at the game's tool tips. Because of the short tutorial, many players don't have much information about how the game works. While this fits with the lore of the game, it also causes frustration for more experienced players.

A mechanic that regularly costs inexperienced players their victory is particularly inconspicuous. The longer you are on the planet, the more enemies stand in your way. Which doesn't sound bad at first, but it always causes wipes when you pick it up.

Mechs will also be coming into the game soon, here you can see how they were announced.

Helldivers 2 Report for Duty Trailer Shows New Mechs in the Game

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The mechanics take turns and you don't notice it at first

What's the problem with the mechanics? Many beginners proceed like this in their rounds: First do the main missions and then run through the map again and complete tests and secondary objectives. But that is exactly their big mistake.

The longer the players walk around the map for minutes after the main mission, the greater the rush of enemies when they pick them up. Here players fall into a delayed “lots of risk, lots of loot” trap, as the rush only really begins when the item is picked up.

Then many players can no longer escape. Or they barely make it after numerous respawns and leave their samples on the ground. This not only causes frustration because evacuations are too difficult, but also means that many people don't know what to change.

How can it be better? It is better to do the main missions quickly and only take what is within immediate reach with you. Of course, more experienced players with good loadouts can be more confident, but beginners in particular should concentrate on the main objectives and escape. There are enough samples over time – if you don't always die.

Players can soon be a little more careless as armored vehicles and mechs could soon be in the game. You can read what we know about it here.

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