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These are the new improvements for the PS5



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Sony is constantly working to improve the PlayStation 5 experience. After months of firmware updates focusing on simply system stability, the latest improvements for the console have been substantial. Now, some of the company's plans for this piece of hardware were recently revealed, since elements such as the DualSense audio will have an improvement.

According to Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, a beta update is now available to select users in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Here, certain players can enjoy a number of improvements to the DualSense audio, and interactions when sharing the screen with a friend.

To start, the update improves the speaker audio on the DualSense. Thus, The sound features a higher volume, allowing players to hear certain game sounds and voice chat audio more clearly.. As if that were not enough, the built-in microphone has also been improved. This is what Nishino commented on the matter:

“The quality of the microphone input on these controllers has been improved, thanks to a new AI machine learning model. Background noise from button presses and in-game audio is suppressed, resulting in a better voice chat experience.”

For its part, screen sharing interactions have also been improved, and those who make use of this functionality will be able to use pointers and emoji reactions to interact with the host's game. This is what Nishino commented:

“Viewers can move a pointer, send a ping, or draw a line on the shared screen, allowing them to highlight certain objects or areas to guide the host player more accurately.”

Finally, Players can now adjust the brightness of the PS5's power indicator by going to Settings, System, Sound & Light, then Brightness. As we already mentioned, these improvements are only available to selected users in its beta version. However, all of this will reach the general public in the future, although at the moment we do not know exactly when this will happen. On related topics, these are the games coming to PS Plus in February. Likewise, these were the best-selling titles on the PlayStation Store in 2023.

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Editor's Note:

This is a substantial and quite interesting update. What interests me most is the audio of the DualSense control. While this element may be ignored by many, it is an important part of multiple experiences that use the controller as a way to increase immersion, or promote additional information to the player.

Via: PlayStation Blog

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