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They attack MAX for advertising House of The Dragon




There is very little time left until a new season of the series is released House of the Dragonwhich puts the family Targaryen as the protagonist, telling some events that occurred many years ago from everything that happened in Game of Thrones. To promote the product, MAX has launched advertising in the form of billboards, and recently it drew attention that the flags of the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico They were changed, something that the authorities did not like.

Through a statement the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH)has mentioned that they will look at the level of crime committed against a monument in the country, to see if there is any sanction that can be given to the platform. MAX, the owners of this series. And although it is clearly not a direct outrage in which the flags were changed, making alterations through photomontages is also punishable by law and there will be fines to be paid for such action.

Here is part of the statement:

It is reported that the images are false, since at no time have flags, banners or any other advertising material related to said production been placed on this property, nor has the reproduction of images from this space been authorized for the promotion of the series. in comment. What is seen on social networks was generated through image editing programs or artificial intelligence.

For this reason, the National Coordination of Legal Affairs of the INAH will carry out the appropriate legal measures, because this is an improper use of images of a historical monument.

For now not much else has been mentioned, but if those responsible for the alteration of the flags do not want a few years in prison, it is possible that they will pay a fine for carrying out this without authorization. And the thing is that the amenos in Mexico Using national symbols is severely penalized, which is why making changes to these monuments is considered a crime.

House of the Dragon season 2 arrives on June 17.


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Author’s note: I also think the competent authority is exaggerating too much, especially because the blessed flags were never touched and changed in real life. We will have to wait for MAX to serve his sentence and move on waiting for the series.

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