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They close down the famous pirate streaming service




With the passage of time, piracy has taken a different direction, and that is precisely because no one buys series or movies in disc format anymore, many download them on the web, since there are already simpler methods such as streaming pages. that offer their services in exchange for the user seeing the ads. And that has led countries like the United States to take action on the matter, because although some may not believe it, losing those potential customers makes a big difference.

According to what has been mentioned, the government has just arrested none other than those responsible for the website. Jeffclicks, which can be considered the most popular pirate streaming platform in that part of the world, since it had a fairly extensive catalog. In a few words, it compiled all the content from different companies such as Netflix, MAX, Disney Plus and some others that offer their series and movies individually to users.

It is worth mentioning that in this case, the people on the site did profit directly from the content in addition to the ads inside, since they charged approximately $10 for the monthly fee, but in exchange they had 183,200 television episodes of all types of series inside. and hundreds of movies, including premieres that arrived on day one just like the legal method. The team in question was Kristopher Dallmann, Douglas Courson, Felipe Garcia, Jared Jaurequi and Peter Huber.

It goes without saying that four of those involved will serve a sentence of 4 years in prison. For its part, Kristopher Dallmann, in addition to being sentenced on other charges, was convicted of money laundering, which increased his sentence to 48 years. It is said that they caused million-dollar losses for the major Hollywood studios while generating enormous profits, although the exact amount of the losses or the advantages obtained by this service were not specified.

As is clear, the page is already inactive at this time.

Via: Variety

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Author’s note: I remember that here in Mexico there was a similar service whose name is Cuevana, but it seems that they have already retired after being closed several times. Of course, they did not charge more than the advertising portion.

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