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They confirm presentation of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero|Atomix



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The fans of dragon ball They are more than excited for the upcoming premiere of Sparking! Zero. Although this installment goes by another name, this is actually the fourth installment in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. While it has been some time since information about this title was last shared, In less than 24 hours a special presentation will take place that will give us an extensive look at the gameplay of this game.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that On March 20, at 8:00 AM (Mexico City time), a special presentation of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zerowhere we will be given a new look at the combat system that this title has, as well as an updated list of the fighters that will be available on this occasion.

Tomorrow's presentation will last approximately 13 minutes. Along with a good look at the fighters, fans hope that this event will also reveal the release date for this installment. So far, we know that Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero It will be available sometime in 2024, but at the moment we don't know exactly when. In this way, there is a possibility that this information will be revealed in just a few hours.

Remember, the special presentation of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero will take place on March 20 at 8:00 AM (Mexico City time). On related topics, this is the strongest character in Dragon Ball. Likewise, actor Dragon Ball Evolution apologize for the movie.

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Editor's Note:

I hope that Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero I managed to fulfill the dreams of all the fans. Although I like the work that Arc System Works did better with FighterZI can't deny that seeing 20 different Goku fight against 20 other Vegetas has a charisma that we don't find elsewhere.

Via: Bandai Namco

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