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They confirm the second Uncharted movie




This week a new Sony presentation took place during the CineEurope 2024in which they have talked about the projects they have in the future, that includes films with big stars from the world of cinema such as Scarlett Johansonand until the next Tarantino that can shake the world. For its part, the questions have not been long in coming regarding the adaptation of The Legend of Zelda that they are preparing, and the sequel to a film that was moderately liked was also confirmed.

Rumors had been mentioned for months indicating that Tom Holland was already in talks to interpret again Nathan Drake in the second part of unchartedonly now the stage is aimed at almost placing us within the first game of the franchise created by Naughty Dog. Many details were not given about it, given that it would be in the initial stages of production, and that implies that the production agreement contract for this treasure hunter adventure would have been signed days ago.


Here is the description of the tape:

The film “Uncharted” is a film adaptation of the popular video game series developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Directed by Ruben Fleischer and released in 2022, the film combines action, adventure and exploration, maintaining the essence of the games.

The production of “Uncharted” had a long and complicated development process, going through several directors and scriptwriters before coming to fruition with Ruben Fleischer. The film seeks to attract both video game fans and a general audience that loves action and adventure films.


It received mixed reviews, with praise for the performances of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, as well as the action sequences, although some critics noted the lack of originality compared to other adventure films. However, for video game fans, the film offered an entertaining adaptation of Nathan Drake’s universe.

For now there is no release date, and with production in the beginning state, it is likely that we will not know much about the product for another year.


Via: Variety

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Author’s note: At this moment I have not even seen the first film in the saga, so we will have to wait a little for what comes in the future. In the meantime, we have to review that film, which I hope is not so disappointing.


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