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They delete image of the supposed new Mega Man game




A few days ago, fans of the franchise Megaman They were quite excited, because through the platform of Twitterthe former director of the brand, Ichiro Mihara, released an image in which you could see the blue character with a design that had never been seen before. However, it seems that things are not as good as they want to appear, and said art has been removed from the social media platform.

What is most striking in all this is not that the post has been deleted, but that later the post itself Mihara has apologized for problems with rights holders, which means that this as it could be directed at Capcom. Far from this being a denial that there is a new game in development, it is possibly the sign fans have been waiting for to get a new title in the form of this classic video game character.

Here the image and his apology:


↓ Post deleted.

This time it was voluntary.

It's more than I could have imagined there would be people who would go so far as to quote and skip my tweets without even reading my daily tweets, and it made me realize how much this content is still loved. root! I apologize if I caused any problems to the rights holders.

Here is a little of the history of Megaman:

The “Mega Man” franchise is an iconic action-platform video game series developed by Capcom. It was created by Japanese video game designer Akira Kitamura and first debuted in 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Since then, the franchise has grown to become one of the most beloved and enduring franchises in video game history.

The original “Mega Man” game follows the adventures of the main character, known as “Mega Man” or “Rockman” in Japan, a robot created by Dr. Light to combat the evil Dr. Wily and his evil robot minions. Throughout the games, players control Mega Man as he takes on a series of platform levels and defeats robotic bosses, each of which grants the protagonist a new power or special weapon that he can use in the future. battles.

For now, the last game in the series is Mega Man 11with some collections that have been released later.

Via: Twitter

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Editor's note: It is very sad that they do not want to make a continuation in any of the Mega Man franchises, I am not only talking about the classic but about X or even Battle Network. We will have to wait for a time when Capcom feels kind and doesn't want to just make Monster Hunter.

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