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One trend seems to be particularly popular among young people in Gen Z: job ghosting. This is now shown by survey data from a platform that surveyed applicants and companies: 78% of all applicants are said to have deliberately ignored the employer.

What is job ghosting? When making a job offer, both the employer and the applicant must be interested. If one of the two parties loses interest during the application process, ghosting occurs: The applicant promises to call back again, but never does.

According to survey data from an application platform, ghosting at work is becoming increasingly common. According to our colleagues at, this is a trend that is said to be particularly popular among young people: Gen Z.

Generation Z includes people born between 1997 and 2012.

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Ghosting is becoming increasingly common among applicants

What kind of data is this? The employment platform Indeed asked 4,500 companies and 4,500 applicants for its “Hiring Ghosting Report 2023”: 1,507 in the USA, 1,506 in Great Britain and another 1,503 in Canada (via The results from the survey are surprising. Because the data shows how applicants and employers think about each other.

The Indeed platform has been conducting the surveys since 2019 and sees clear trends towards “job ghosting.”

What is in the data?

  • 78% of applicants say they have intentionally ignored employers in the past year.
  • Of these, 59% say they regret this step. However, 62% of applicants think that they would ignore an employer again in the future.
  • 14% of applicants get a job, sign the contract only to quit without notice on the first day of work after finding information about bad experiences from previous employees.
  • 70% of the applicants surveyed believe that it is right not to contact an employer anymore.
  • 50% of employers also believe that “ghosting” behavior is right.
  • However, 54% of recruiters also believe that they are partly responsible for negative applicant behavior by providing inadequate communication and transparency to applicants or subjecting them to excessively long selection processes.

“The job is too boring” is the main reason for job ghosting

Why are people suddenly quitting? Many people in the survey said the main reason they didn't show up was that the job was too boring or didn't match their interests. Insufficient salary or another job offer would only come as reasons afterwards.

It is interesting that the same questions were also asked of the companies. And the companies said that they assumed that people would have received a better offer and would then no longer show up for the job they had applied for.

But there is another danger on the horizon for many jobs: and that is chatbots like ChatGPT, which are replacing more and more jobs. A former employee of a company now explained how she lost her job due to an AI and what that means for her future:

A woman loses her job thanks to ChatGPT because the AI ​​costs less: “I was made redundant”

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