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They filter a document with information about the PS5 Pro



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He PlayStation 5 Pro It is one of the biggest rumors of the moment. Although Sony has remained silent, it seems that new information emerges every day that points to the reveal of this hardware or provides more details about the technical specifications that we will find here. Thus, A document was recently leaked that gives us an idea of ​​how powerful the PS5 Pro would be.

Recently, the user known as Moore's Law shared a document that claims to be official, where we are given a new look at the technical specifications of the PS5 Pro. It is mentioned here that the console will have 33.5 TeraFlops, it will have a raw rendering that is 45% faster than the normal PS5will provide an increase in ray-tracing between two and times greater.


Along with this, it is mentioned that will feature a custom architecture for machine learning, AI accelerator: 300 TOPS, 8-bit computing, as well as PlayStation Spectral resolution enhancement technology. While this all sounds quite advanced, this would still be the same CPU architecture that we find in the normal PS5 that we find today.


As always, Sony has remained silent, and we don't know if this information is accurate or not. Let us remember that the normal PS5 has 10.3 TeraFlops, and this new document ensures that the PS5 Pro would have 33.5 TeraFlops, which sounds like an exaggeration. However, beyond this detail, what is mentioned here is on par with what has been seen in similar leaks.

We can only wait for PlayStation to finally share official information. On related topics, the PS5 Pro would hit the market this year. Likewise, a new PS5 bundle arrives in Mexico.


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Editor's Note:

Clearly, the PS5 Pro will be a more powerful console, but this time it is not just about offering an improvement, but about attracting a larger audience, something that may not happen if this piece of hardware costs $600. which many speculate.


Via: Zuby_Tech


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