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They filter the design of the supposed new iPhone SE




Today Apple is a brand much more open to the general public, given that before its products were considered premium because they used to be very expensive, but not so long ago they tend to handle cheaper phones with iPad mini, iPhone Mini and of course, the iPhone SE. Speaking of the latter, it is currently in the third generation, but apparently it is nowhere near taking the next step with the fourth, there is even talk of its design and functions.

From what has been shared in the technology media, this design will try to resemble iPhone 14, but of course, with their respective performance and component reductions so that the price reduction is significant and within the reach of those who do not want to spend so much. Adding the possibility of using the USB-C port which is now becoming standard in the company after they made demand due to its entry that forced the purchase of official cables.

With that in mind, it is easy to think that this new model will finally emulate the silhouette of the eighth phone to move on to something much more modern, which implies a slightly larger screen, the black frames above and below, as well as the button startup that has been removed from the main cell phones of Manzana for years. Added to this is that the storage capacity will be greater, possibly starting from 128 GB.

Here you can see it:

Iphone Se 4 Leaked Design Iphone 14 Screen Notch Face Id Camera

Here is a general appearance of the iPhone SE:

The iPhone SE is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It was initially launched in March 2016 as a more affordable option in the iPhone product line, but with technical specifications that made it comparable in performance to more advanced models.

It combines the compact design of the iPhone 8 with the internal hardware of the iPhone X, making it a powerful device in a smaller, more affordable form factor. At least until now, the third generation of these cell phones is active.

We may see its reveal in the next event Manzana which could take place in March.

Via: 91 Mobiles

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Editor's note: It is a good option for those who only want to make calls and take the occasional photo, since the most advanced models that cost over 30 thousand pesos are a significant expense. So, we will have to wait for the reveal of the new cell phone in the coming days.

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