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They find a sarcophagus with a drawing of Marge Simpson




Although many think that almost the entire world had already been explored, there are still some corners that have not been discovered by modern man, and that leads us to interesting finds within pyramids and sites that were previously established as prehistoric cities. And recently they found a sarcophagus in the Middle Egyptand established that members of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Antiquities They mentioned that it had a very curious drawing inside.

They report that experts found in a place known as New Kingdom (c. 1550 BC – c. 1069 BC) a wooden coffin of a woman named Nany dating from the late 20th Dynasty. According to hieroglyphs and the papyrus found in the sarcophagus, the woman was a singer of Djehouti, the Egyptian god of the moon and writing. And there was also another sarcophagus, this one of Tadi Ist, daughter of the High Priest of Djehouti in Ashmunein who has her own drawing inside her.


What is most striking is the fact that this looks like a carbon copy of none other than Marge Simpson. Here is the video of the discovery:


In this drawing, it is quite striking that the clothes she is wearing are green, although it is not a dress like the mother of the family, adding to that the yellow skin that perhaps should have turned that way over the years. and the confinement of said historical piece. Likewise, on the part of her head it is not hair, but a style hat. Cleopatrabut like many, they have in their heads the form of margethey immediately interpreted it as her long blue hair.

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Author’s note: It’s a bit strange that we already associate everything directly with pop culture products. It’s an interesting find, but we can’t ignore that image of Marge now no matter how much we want to.


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