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They launch offers in the Eshop for leap day




This year is quite interesting, given that like every four cycles the leap day is celebrated, adding February 29 to the calendar and that implies interesting offers that are given on a single occasion, at least it has been seen recently in food chains quickly or even in cinemas. And with this in mind, video games also join the trend, in this case we have Nintendo Switch with the promotions of Humble Bundle, since their published games have obtained interesting price drops.

Something worth mentioning is that unlike other brands, we are not limited only to February 29 to buy, but there is a time limit, specifically the 6th of Marchso players can decide wisely what they want to bring to their console.

Here are some discounts:

– A Hat in Time: Discount price: $14.99

A Hat in Time – Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch: Discount price: $18.49

– Aegis Defenders: Discount price: $4.99

– Archvale: Discount price: $8.99

– Card: Discount price: $5.99

– Chinatown Detective Agency: Discount price: $12.49

–Crying Suns: Discount price: $7.49

– Dodgeball Academy: Discount price: $12.49

– Flynn: Son of Crimson: Discount price: $9.99

–Forager: Discount price: $6.99

Remember that there are many more offers within the store, especially if you are publishing the Humble Bundle. So we invite you to stop by to discover the games that you can download within the next few days. Don't forget that the promotion runs until March 6 of the current year.

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Editor's note: It would be cool to get the latest DLC that A Hat in Time had, if it weren't for the small detail that for some reason it was only released for PC and not consoles. We will have to investigate why these limitations exist that leave video games incomplete.

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