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It has been said for a long time that gamer-sized computers use a lot of resources and amounts of light, so it is always recommended to turn them off due to all the energy they supposedly take, and that is something that everyone already takes for granted. However, there are those who want to directly check if this is real, so a user experimented with two different devices, and one of them has been left on for half a decade, with interesting results.

A user of reddit wanted to determine whether to maintain a PC gamer turned on for five years affects its performance or energy consumption. The results show that there is no significant difference in performance or electricity bill. This consisted of leaving one PC on while another was turned off every night. The aim was to answer the question of whether leaving it in sleep mode and never turning it off caused any damage, concluding that not really, since the bill was almost the same at the end of the month.

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The PC in question was not fully on all the time, as sleep mode was used during the night. This turns off the peripherals and the monitor, keeping only the RAM memory operational, allowing work to be resumed exactly as it was left. And although energy consumption is lower, the use of some components can reduce its useful life. RAM remains active during sleep and can wear out over time, as can the processor and motherboard, but with minimal immediate repercussions.

This scenario is common on dedicated server computers, where the operating system, such as Windows Server, is designed to always stay on. These servers are usually in environments with adequate temperature conditions to avoid overheating, which is not always the case with home PCs. So in the end, it also depends on the user and what condition the equipment is in so as not to suffer fatal consequences in the future.

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Author’s note: The truth is, even though I know that the electricity does not use much, I prefer to turn it off so that there are no incidents related to power outages that may occur during the night, especially when it is the rainy and stormy season.

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