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They offer free multiplayer on PlayStation consoles




For those who do not know, playing online video games on consoles is no longer free, since at Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation You have to pay for a membership with different prices that grant extra advantages to users, this in the form of free titles that lose their validity when the user stops making their monthly payments. And although there are good offers, not everyone is convinced to give their money to companies, but Sony has launched an alternative that will make them think twice.

It was confirmed that next weekend June 22 and 23, Users will be able to play any of their titles completely for free on consoles such as PS4 or PS5, from games like GTA Online to the last Call of Duty that has been put up for sale within the market. So users will see if it is worth using their money on a monthly membership, or if in the end it does not make sense to make such an expense.

Here is the description of PS Plus:

A subscription to PlayStation Plus Premium allows you to stream PS5 titles on demand to your PS5 console from the game catalog of PlayStation Plus and choose titles from your own collection of games purchased at PlayStation Store.

Remember that there are three different membership levels, so it’s best to explore your options before paying.


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Author’s note: It is a good idea to let users know if online is really their thing and if that happens it is time to take the toll. However, for those who hardly turn on the console, it would not be worth the expense.

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