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They pay a great tribute to Akira Toriyama in a football stadium |




It seems like a joke, but a few days have passed since the sad news about the creator of dragon ball, Akira Toriyama, who carried with him some medical complications that only worsened to give way to March 1 with the fall of this celebrated mangaka. Although many have already given their condolences, there are still some followers who want to pay some kind of tribute, and it seems that they have decided to go big in a place where thousands of attendees gather.

Last Sunday in Spain the Elche-Albacete Balompié where Second Division players participate, and within the Martínez Valero Stadium It didn't take long for adults to pay tribute to the franchise by playing the song Drac Z Ball as if it were the welcome anthem. It is worth mentioning that for obvious reasons they have put it in Catalan due to regional issues, something that has not turned out badly at all.

The opening of Dragon Ball Z in Catalan it was adapted by the singer Jordi Vila. The Catalan version of the opening, titled “El meu nom és en Goku”, was performed by Jordi Vila and was used in the broadcast of the anime in Catalan. This adaptation was part of the localization of the anime for the Catalan audience on television.

It is worth mentioning that this tribute was not only applauded by that section of Spain, but also by where the Spanish that is spoken at a general level in the country is spoken. So for the first time there was no fight over which version was better, but rather the end was to pay tribute to the person who created the historical anime.

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Editor's note: Without a doubt it was a spectacular way to express gratitude to what Akira Toriyama created. Surely his work will remain for posterity, and that will be for generations that take us 30 or 40 years ahead.

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