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They reveal the voice cast of the Among Us show



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A few months ago it was confirmed that the franchise of Among Us was going to have its own animated series, but since that moment no important updates had been given, thus worrying fans who have been attentive to every news from Innersloth. And it seems that this has borne fruit, because precisely through the platform of Twitter The people who are going to present their voices for the characters have been mentioned, and we are telling you that they are artists of international stature.

Through the first round that the official account of the video game has released to us, they tell us that Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us, Elijha Wood (The Lord of The Rings), Randall Park (Ant-Man) and Yvette Nicole Brown (Drake and Josh), will be part of this show that pits an infiltrator against an entire crew. And as we mentioned, these are important people in the world of Hollywood, which is why the general public will turn to see the project.


For those who don't know Among Us, Here is a concept of the game:

It is a multiplayer action video game developed and published by the American studio InnerSloth. It was released in 2018, but gained enormous popularity in 2020. The game is set on a spaceship, space station, or planetary base, where players take on the roles of crew members or impostors. The crew members must complete various tasks to keep the ship running, while the impostors attempt to sabotage these tasks and eliminate the crew members without being discovered.

The highlight of Among Us is the social and deduction gameplay that occurs during discussions and voting between players to determine who the imposter is. Players can communicate with each other via text or voice chat during meetings, making for fun and tense situations as they try to figure out the identity of the impostors.


Remember that the title is available on several platforms, whether Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation.

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Editor's note: It is a fact that Among Us will continue to generate trends even though its moment in the pandemic was much higher than it managed to reach. With the addition of these voices, it is certain that the return of the public will come in a matter of seconds, at least in the United States.

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