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They seek to increase Hollywood productions in Mexico




It is well known that Mexico and the production of films is synonymous with simplicity, given that in recent years no products have come out that really stand out, that includes films that emulate some others from distant countries and simple comedies that not even the viewers end up liking. Mexicans themselves. For this reason, a new way is being sought to shape new projects, but of course, they must have a large budget almost at the level of what comes from USA and other exponents.

According to what the media mentions, Carlos Monroythe representative of the Motion Pictures Association in Mexico, studios of global importance are looking for cinema to grow on this side of the world, something that can be achieved if ties with the government can grow in the coming years. And in a recent conference the representative himself says that the big brands in the industry intend to promote the medium so that many films are made that are really worth seeing.

From what was said at the conference, the investment of the studies of hollywood It represented 11% of the GDP of Mexico City and 1% of the federal GDP, in addition to the fact that more than 200 thousand jobs were generated in it during the period from 2019 to 2023. And it is said that this was possible thanks to the association that has occurred in recent years, to this is added that they have plans to make progress greater and to make films that go out of the established mold, with more interesting plots and quality content.

Here is what they mentioned to a film medium:

What we are trying to do is decentralize a little and ensure that the spillover that comes from Hollywood reaches other states.

We want to replicate everything that Mexico City has done well. We seek to push for there to be a legal framework at the national level, for there to be a film commission like there is in the city, so that these laws consider a film commission linked to the economy and be seen as an industry.

That leads us to the Motion Pictures Association of Hollywood awarded to Claudia Sheinbaum the Industry Champion Association award, making her the first Mexican executive to receive this award from the international film industry. And now that she has the highest position in the country, speaking about political issues, it is possible that the association will lend itself to bigger issues and above all, improving local films.

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Author’s note: It is true that film productions for Mexico are terrible, and worthwhile directors go to other parts of the world to try their luck. I hope things improve.

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