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They talk about possible live action of Miles Morales




At the moment the Spider-Man franchise is taking a boom moment, given that the animated parts are available as Across The Spider-Verse, as well as the live action of the UCM, where the franchise has expanded to have a crossover with the past actors of the saga. And in fact, the character who has taken the spotlight is neither more nor less than Miles Moralesso fans are already waiting for the imminent announcement of a film in which we will see this Spidey in its flesh and blood version.

The media recently contacted the production company of Sony, Amy Pascal, taking the topic specifically, since previously the brand had confirmed that this film is a fact, but that was many months ago in time. And now, the answer is that they do still have it in business considerations, but it seems that it is not among the priorities they want to launch in a few years.

It is worth mentioning that it is mentioned that the project will not begin to take shape until two more films in the franchise have finally been released, specifically speaking of the next film starring Tom Holland andn the MCU, as well as Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Speaking of the latter, she was scheduled to arrive in 2024but it has been passed to 2025 due to issues with employee problems sony in various parts of the world.

Here is more information for those who don't know the character much:

Miles Morales is an African-American and Latino teenager who lives in the alternate version of the Marvel universe known as the Ultimate Universe. In the original story, Peter Parker, the hero Spider-Man, is killed in battle and Miles Morales gains powers similar to Spider-Man after being bitten by a genetically modified spider.

Miles Morales becomes the new Spider-Man in his universe and takes on the responsibility of protecting New York City. Although he follows in Peter Parker's footsteps as Spider-Man, Miles has his own personality, backstory, and set of challenges. Throughout his stories, Miles faces various threats and encounters other characters from the Ultimate Universe and the main Marvel Universe.

Remember that you can see Miles Morales in the game of Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Via: IGN

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Editor's note: For now I don't think there is much pressure to release Spider-Man products, given that last year we had a lot of content, this in the form of a new film and also a video game. So, I think taking a break from the franchise won't be bad.

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