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This is Aero GPX, the spiritual successor to F-Zero




Not counting F-Zero 99, it has been 20 years since the release of F-Zero Legends exclusively in Japan. It’s no secret that fans want to see a newdelivery in this series, and if Nintendo doesn’t give them what they want, then they will have to do it themselves, just like Aero GPX He has made it clear.

During the Steam Next Fest, a period where we saw endless demos for the Valve platform, one of the titles that attracted the most attention was Aero GPXtitle created by Aaron McDevitt, which is positioned as the successor of F-Zero GX that all fans have been waiting for more than two decades. This is a futuristic racing game that has similar ideas to the GameCube classic, but with a touch of originality.

Aero GPX It has a cel-shading style, and its greatest attraction is the moments where our car flies, and we have to navigate these sections with greater difficulty. Along with this, the element of destroying competitors’ cars is present, but with a series of modifications to what we see in F-Zero GX.

In general, Aero GPX It is a title that knows very well what its inspirations are, but also presents a couple of unique ideas that make this installment have its own identity. It’s just what fans have been waiting for. Unfortunately, The title is still in development, and beyond a confirmation for PC, at the moment we do not know if it will come to consoles and when it will be available. On related topics, here we tell you how it is F-Zero 99. Likewise, producer of F-Zero GX talks about the possible return of the series.

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Author’s Note:

This type of work is incredible. It’s the fans taking everything they like about the classics, and adding a couple of original ideas. Aero GPX reminds me a lot of Ex-Zodiacwhich does the same as Aero GPXbut with the Star Fox series. Unfortunately, this work is still in early access.

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