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This is how Koji Kondo met Paul McCartney



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Koji Kondo's music is one of the most recognized worldwide. When we think about video games, the theme of Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. comes to the mind of more than one person, including one of the Beatles. Through a new interview, Kondo revealed a charismatic meeting she had with Sir Paul McCartney back in the day.

Thanks to a talk with The Washington Post as part of Kondo's induction into the National Recording Registry, the Nintendo composer revealed that he and Shigeru Miyamoto had the opportunity to meet McCartney thanks to Super Mario Bros. This story takes place in 1986, a year after the Italian plumber's arrival to the Famicom.

In that same year, Sir Paul McCartney gave a concert in Japan, which Kondo and Miyamoto attended. Announcing their arrival, they were taken backstage to meet the Hey Jude composer, as well as Linda McCartney, who was his wife at the time. In his interview, Kondo reveals that the couple sang the theme song of Super Mario Bros., something he described as “an incredible moment”.

Not everyone can know one of the two Beatles alive, and Kondo had the opportunity to fulfill this dream for many thanks to his talent and hard work. While it is true that since then the composer has created much more complex and extraordinary melodies compared to the Level 1-1 theme, this remains one of the most important works for the entire video game industry. On related topics, The Simpsons makes reference to Mario Kart. Likewise, they discover a secret about the Koopa.

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Editor's Note:

Koji Kondo is one of the best composers in video games. He is not my favorite, but he does have a special place in my heart, and in the hearts of millions of players around the world. Best of all, at least one of The Beatles is a fan of his work, which is surreal.

Via: Nintendo Life

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