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This is how you can access the Max application



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Just as expected, yesterday HBO Max He disappeared, and in his place we have Max. While the name has changed, the experience is basically the same. However, a new application is necessary to access the Warner Bros. library. In this way, we tell you how to get access to Max.

All you need to do is simply download the new Max application on your reference device, and after carrying out this process, you will be able to completely remove the HBO Max application. However, depending on your platform preference, this may be a different process.

On iOS and Android mobile devices simply go to your respective digital store, and search for “Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies,” and download the app. For its part, on Smart TV or Chromecast with Google TV you need to go to the “Apps” section, search for “Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies”, and install it. This is a process that you can also repeat on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV with Tizen, LG WebOS Smart TV, devices with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, consoles such as the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, as well as the Windows and MacOS stores.

It all comes down to going to the digital store of your preferred device, searching for “Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies”, and downloading the application. That's all. You can continue using your HBO Max data on Max, and enjoy the same content. Finally, if you use the official site on PC, you have to enter, or continue entering, a site that will redirect you to the new address. On related topics, this is the price of Max in Mexico. Likewise, there is an offer for this platform that you cannot miss.

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Editor's Note:

This is a change without much meaning, beyond modifying prices. Max is the same as HBO Max, and while this is a good thing for some, for others it's a huge inconvenience that didn't need to happen. Let's hope this is the last time something like this happens.

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