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This is how you farm the event in under an hour



The “Lunar Awakening” event is currently taking place in Diablo 4, where you can earn rewards. You can find out how to farm efficiently here on MeinMMO.

The “Lunar Awakening” started in Diablo 4 on February 6th. Based on the typical “Chinese New Year events”, you will receive bonuses during the event and can earn some rewards. You collect “Favor of the Ancestors” and can use it to unlock a total of 10 stages in the event, each containing two rewards.

To start the quest you have to travel to Ked Bardu and talk to the NPC Ying-Yue there. You can then farm for your rewards – and complete the event in under an hour.

Diablo 4: Lunar Awakening – All new content from the event

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How do I farm efficiently? To receive the rewards and complete the stages of the event, you must collect “Ancestral Favor”. This is done by activating the Lunar Shrines and slashing monsters while the special shrine's bonuses are active.

There are two options to get through the event quickly and bag the rewards. And to add a little variety when farming, you can switch between them.

Purify Lunar Shrines in the Overworld

The Lunar Shrines appear in several areas on the map; you can recognize them by the special symbol. If you complete the task of purifying the shrines, you will not only receive bonuses, but gifts for the Tree of Whispers. You can recognize them by the special symbol on the map.

In the first screenshot you can see that some Lunar Shrines are located in event areas, recognizable by the red circle. Here you first have to complete the event in order to be able to “use” the special shrine.

In our case, despite the map symbol, there was no shrine at the location, not even in the immediate vicinity. Other players also report this, such as Diablo expert Rob2628 on YouTube. Don't stay in the area for too long and then move on to another one.

Depending on which Lunar Shrine you encounter, you can expect different bonuses. You can find out more about the bonuses and the event in our article:

Dungeons with the “Ancestral Favor” affix

During the event, you can obtain Nightmare Seals for dungeons and dungeons with the “Ancestral Favor” affix, both in the “great awakened loot” you receive in the event and in the dungeons themselves that have the affix.

The affix means that Lunar Shrines will appear in the dungeons and vaults and you will also receive a 10% bonus to your Glyph XP. To farm for the event, you should stick to these seals and ignore others for now.

If you receive the seals with the “favor of the ancestors” affix, you should definitely use them – but keep them in any case. Because according to the developers, the seals retain the affix even after the event (source:

If you stick to the two options and essentially move from Lunar Shrine to Lunar Shrine – on the overworld and/or in the dungeons, you can be through the event in under an hour. But you don't have to rush (yet), because the Lunar Awakening runs until February 20th.

You can not only earn rewards during the “Lunar Awakening” event in Diablo 4, but also a player title. You can find out what you have to do here: During Lunar Awakening you can receive a hidden title – this is how you unlock it

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