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This is the best internet for streaming in Mexico



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Nowadays, making a stream is very simple. Programs like OBS Studio and platforms like Twitch allow you to broadcast to the entire world in a matter of seconds. However, there is one element that has proven to be a problem for many people, and that is the internet. Thus, A new study has revealed which is the best fixed internet in Mexico for streaming.

According to a study by nPerf, a French company based in Lyon and with more than 10 years of experience in the Internet sector, Totalplay is the best fixed internet that you can get in Mexico at the moment. This information is the result of an investigation that was carried out between January 1 and December 31, 2023, taking into consideration more than 44 thousand testers in the country.



In his research, it was discovered that Totalplay offers 128 Mb/s, which allows the fastest fixed Internet download speeds in Mexico. This company offers 21 ms latency. Remember that lower latency translates into immediate interaction with the content you want to access, and excellent latency is between 0 to 30 ms, which allows real-time interaction.

With this, Totalplay offers the fastest upload speed in the country with 64 Mb/s. Upload speeds above 10 Mb/s are classified as excellent, allowing operators' customers to easily upload HD-quality videos to the Internet.


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In second place, we find Megacable, followed by Telcel, and at the end Izzi. Notably, Telmex is not part of this selection, something that is surely disappointing for all users of this service. On related topics, Claudia Sheinbaum promises free internet in Mexico. Likewise, the IFT and the CFE bring free internet to the country.

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Editor's Note:


Although the internet is much more accessible today, the quality of this service is still not optimal in most cases, and those who have good internet usually have to pay more than an average citizen can spend on it. aspect.

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