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This is the last illustration of Akira Toriyama



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Considering that Toyotaro is in charge of illustrating the manga of Dragon Ball Supermany came to think that Akira Toriyama had moved away from the world of illustration, this is not the case. The mangaka was always working on one or more illustrations, even days after his unfortunate death. Thus, this was the last illustration he worked on.

On March 4, 2024, the official Dragon Ball account shared on its official Twitter account an illustration to commemorate the announcement of the premiere date of the anime of Sand Land on Disney+ and Star+. Here we can see several key characters in this work.

Although this is the last official Akira Toriyama illustration published, Let's remember that it is very common for mangakas to even have sketches, some other work that lacks additional retouching.. In this way, it is likely that more new paintings by this author will be released in the future, although they may not have the quality that some expect.

We remind you that the anime of Sand Land It will arrive on Disney+ and Star+ in different regions starting March 20, 2024. On related topics, they confirm a new presentation of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. Likewise, actor Dragon Ball Evolution apologize for the movie.

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Editor's Note:

It's sad that Akira Toriyama's latest work isn't related to Dragon Ball, but it's still a great work. Sand Land It is a special story that shows all the talent that this mangaka had. It is likely that many people will give this anime a chance just because it is the last great adaptation from this creator.

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