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In today's digital world, online scams and frauds are constant challenges faced by internet users. Recently, a new scam has emerged on WhatsApp involving individuals posing as delivery drivers. amazon, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. This hoax, designed to fool unsuspecting users, has raised concerns and led to warnings from authorities and cybersecurity experts.

Some users in Mexico They have reported that they have recently received direct calls from supposed delivery people of this company, mentioning that they must find a code that was sent to their cell phone, but this is a hacking key so that they can steal the phone number. It goes without saying that those who know this type of tricks from previous attempts have made their message known to those who may be a little more clueless, especially because it has sometimes happened that the thieves are successful.

The first thing the user must detect is that they have a package in the process of being delivered, either by searching in their mobile application or also from the computer browser itself, and the last alternative is to ask a family member if they sent something, and With that, hanging up immediately was ruled out. Once this is done, it is necessary to report the phone number from which the call came, so that it can be blocked and then marked as spam so that no one else falls for organized fraud.

These types of scams through the service of WhatsApp They have become more common in recent years, either through calls or messages that supposedly offer the user a job, so it is best not to answer anything from unknown people unless they identify themselves with their first and last name. Likewise, in the case of amazonthey never ask for a confirmation code when they deliver a package, unless they are exceptional cases of a number that they send to you in the mail, and that is for expensive shipments such as cell phones or computers.

In conclusion, it is essential to stay informed and alert to new methods used by online scammers. By taking precautions and following cybersecurity best practices, users can protect themselves against fraud and keep their personal and financial information safe from malicious hands.

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Editor's note: Instead of thinking about how to steal from people, they should undertake something with that cunning of deception, such as an advertising scheme or similar. But hey, the only thing we have left is to be on the lookout so that our cell phone number or bank account is not stolen.

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